Turmeric: a Potent, All Natural Antibiotic

Turmeric: a Potent, All Natural Antibiotic 

Turmeric root and powder on white background

Spices come from plants, and many of those plants have strong medicinal properties that are known to fight infections and support our overall health. One of the most powerful spice-medicines is turmeric. Let’s take a look at easy it is to make a potent medicinal recipe with turmeric and a couple of other ingredients.

Turmeric is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. It also can reduce blood pressure as well as blood sugar. It also contains properties that can boost and support the immune system, and some believe that turmeric can help to kill cancer cells and even prevent Alzheimers. Most importantly, it is seen as an antibiotic that can kill off a number of different types of bacteria. The good news is that all you need is a container of quality turmeric spice that is found in most stores as opposed to growing and processing your own plants.

Here’s the perfect Turmeric medicinal concoction:


1 Tbsp turmeric

100 grams of bee honey

2 Tbsp vinegar

Dash of black pepper

Preparing the recipe is very simple. Mix the honey and vinegar together thoroughly. Add the turmeric and stir until the batch develops an even consistency. Add the pepper and stir again. Some people suggest to add some lemon zest for flavor as well as an additional medicinal boost. You can also just mix the turmeric and honey and take that instead of adding the other ingredients.


However, using vinegar along with the honey provides a powerful enhancement due to its laundry-list of health benefits. Pepper is said to aid in the absorption of the medicine and make it a bit more effective, but this is just speculation. Lemon peel is a powerful source of health-boosting nutrients that are known to fight disease as well.

Using and Storing

It is best to use the medicine as soon as it is prepared. Oxygen will cause a chemical breakdown in the mixture that reduces its potency over time. However, it can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days if sealed in a good glass container.

Adults can take ½ teaspoon every hour for the first day and then every two hours on the second. Cut back on the third day by taking about three doses. The idea is to load up on the medicine to launch a full-scale attack on bugs in the body and then taper off as conditions improve. However, feel free to experiment with dosage as there is a lack of real established guidelines out there.


You can also take a dose every day for health maintenance as well. This concoction is a powerful natural supplement that can help to reduce strain on the immune system, soothe sore joints and aid the respiratory system.

Keep in mind that this medicine is known to lower blood pressure and blood sugar, and it can also cause minor inflammation of the gall bladder. Consider speaking with a doctor if you have any of these conditions.

Try a batch the next time you or someone else in your family gets sick, and see how adding this recipe to your survival medicine cabinet can be very beneficial.