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The Amazing Benefits of Dehydrated Potatoes Dehydrating white potatoes is a very easy process that can yield amazing results on a few different levels. However, it is not a very common practice as the emphasis
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How to Make Homemade MREs   by Patrick Blair, for Survival At Home Homemade MREs can come in handy whether you’re preparing for a zombie apocalypse or maybe just a weekend camping trip with the
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Oven Canning for Long Term Storage Originally posted by Lisa Lynn for The Prepper Project Oven Canning Dried Goods For Long Term Storage Dried goods make great emergency food if stored properly. But it’s no
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Salting Pork the old way Salt pork was a very popular meat in the 18th century. In this video we explain how to prepare you own.   Salting Pork for Preservation Many people have forgotten
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Raw Honey: Liquid Gold in Your Pantry Originally posted by Daisy Luther When selecting foods for your stockpile, the most budget-friendly, space-conscious way to do it is by selecting items that multitask.  This criteria places