Emergency Food Myths

When it comes to preparation we’ve heard it all. So many people feel that all they really need is a gun. The philosophy is that they will be able to use the gun literally, or in a threatening way to take whatever they need form whoever they want. This of course could work as long as the person you are threatening isn’t carrying a firearm also and if you think about it even more, do you really want to have to go aout and fight for your food and other necessitates when if you just take the time and be proactive now you won’t have any of these problems. I don’t think most responsible people really want to point a gun in their neighbors face and just take what they need.

Another myth we hear a lot is that the Government will just take care of this when disaster strikes. This is laughable especially when you sit down and review the Governments track record in major disaster events. It takes the Government, even in a good situation a few days to respond accordingly to a disaster and help the victims. They have come out publicly and stated that all Americans need at least three days of food storage in their homes in case of disaster. And if they decide that your area isn’t going to be declared a disaster area, no matter how bad your personal situation is, you may never get any help and be left to fend for yourself and your family on your own.


A lot of people really believe that long term emergency food storage is for all those doomsday preppers and extreme survivalists. Current television shows and media outlets have promoted the thought that long term food storage is for complicated and strategic survival plans. The true bottom line is that having Emergency Long Term Food is not only smart but prudent and responsible.

We hear, I live in a great area and we never have any Emergencies or Natural Disasters. Come on, we all know no one is immune to disasters, whether they be natural or man made. Having a solid backup food supply can ease any hardships you might experience with job loss, economic hard times, food shortages due to disasters in other areas, or any kind of emergency lockdown.

People say that they have heard food storage tastes terrible. WELL THEY HAVE NEVER HAD OURS!! We pride ourselves on the great tasting food we supply. This is also why we have put our “Proof Is In The Pudding” program in place. We know that if you try our FREE sample that you will realize that our food is not only delicious and nutritious, but easy to make and wonderful to eat. The days of having grain, TVP, and dried potatoes storeed up in #10 cans is over. Eat Tomorrow foods are easy to fix, delicious, GMO free, and have a 25 year shelf life.

Also, a lot of people feel they can’t afford Long Term Emergency Food Storage. This may have been true in the past and with other companies, but with Eat Tomorrow we can help you start your food storage for as low as $15 per month. Our meals when you average them out cost less than $1.50 per meal. We make sure to work with you one on one because we really do believe that evert American needs food storage. This is also the reason we have partnered with Patriot Food Club, an unique company that helps you build your Emergency long term food storage around whatever monthly amount you can budget.

If you think you have enough food right now in your pantry or refrigerator you’re probably mistaken. people overestimate the amount of food they have by a whopping 80%. A lot of the food you think might be good is expired or close to expiration. The food in your freezer and fridge is only as good as your electricity. If the power goes out, which it does in most Emergency situations, the clock starts ticking on how much longer your food supply will last. Having food in place that will last you 25 years no matter what gives you the peace of mind that you will have food storage available whenever you need it.

“I have a canned food supply because it is less expensive than long term food supply.” We hear this also and it’s simply not true. At approximately $1.50 per meal for our Emergency long term food storage you are spending much less than you are if you would be buying cans. Especially when you factor in the expiration on cans. Having some cans is not necisseraily a bad thing but in todays new era of long term food storage there really is no need to be working about rotating cans and expiration dates.

Getting yourself started with a 72 hour Emergency supply of food is a great place to start. But realizing that having a food storage in place as a necessity is good proactive thinking. Too many times we procrastinate things in our life and we’re just not ready when something happens. As humans we can’t allow this to happen with food. It is a staple and necessity to our survival. Click here today and get a three day, 72 hour supply of food for three people sent out to you and get your Emergency food storage started.