Climate Change and Food Insecurity is a Bigger Threat Than Ever


USDA corn farm


Climate is a threat that we are still struggling to understand and appreciate.  A lot of people are still skeptical, scientists disagree about the potential impact this phenomenon can cause, and its unpredictability makes it very difficult to quantify in terms that make sense.  However, climate change plays a pivotal role with respect to our food security, and everyone on this planet will be impacted in one way or another as time progresses.  It doesn’t matter if people attribute it to humanities actions or a normal and natural cycle that the earth goes through.  It will impact us all, and we are not ready.

Weather is becoming more and more unpredictable, and freak events are taking their toll on arable land around the world.  Massive typhoons are starting to pound Asia on a regular basis.  The intensity of droughts are devastating land that was once consistently fertile.  Changes in monsoonal storms from India to southern Arizona are altering water distribution.  Some places are experiencing intense winters whereas other locales are baking in record-setting heat.  The bottom line is that the stasis that modern civilization has been enjoying is quickly being replaced with chaos and confusion.


A few years ago, massive floods in SE Asia wiped out rice production for a year.  Severe summer droughts in the American heartland wiped out corn crops.  A persistent drought in the western United States is quickly threatening the water supply that sustains agriculture in about ten states.  These are just a few examples of how simple alterations to seasonal weather patterns can significantly impact food production in a very short amount of time.

We have been very lucky up until now, but if this unpredictability continues, all of us will feel the impact sooner or later.  The world revolves around predictability in order to function at a level that sustains much of its population.  Our food security is interwoven with an economy that is dependent on stability on the other side of the world.  With each passing year, disruptions to this stasis are becoming more and more profound.  If things continue on their present course, food shortages as well as huge price increases will become commonplace.

The ideal solution is to be proactive and devise mechanisms that will offset the impacts of climate change.  Better land management, better governance and more localized crop production and distribution will address a lot of these risks.  However, we all know that counting on the government to make wise and practical decisions that will produce long-term benefits for our country is an exercise in futility.

Each one of us needs to take steps to ensure that we always have a reliable, nutritious and accessible supply of food on hand at all times.  We should never take food security for granted, simply because it can all disappear in the blink of an eye.

Climate change, or whatever you want to call it is here to stay, and things will only get worse down the line.  Those who accept this reality and prepare for the future will find themselves gaining the upper hand when others will be struggling just to put food on the table.  Did you know that rice, pasta and oats can be stored for decades if they are properly packaged?   Did you know that you can store things ranging from canned tomatoes to delicious fruits and desserts for more than a year in some cases?




Don’t depend on time being on your side as calamitous events continue to touch every corner of the world.  We are now living in an age where the lack of predictability and stability will continue to erode the health and well-being of a significant portion of the global population.  The best thing that we can do is to prepare as much as possible and be ready for anything.  Keep and maintain a supply of food so that you will be able to weather any kind of storm that comes your way.



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