Top 10 Movies all Preppers need to see

Top 10 movies all Preppers need to see

This post is an edited excerpt of a 2013 post on Survival Strategies by Fallout Girl

Survival under threat has been the greatest challenge to humanity since the dawn of time, whether it be a man-made or natural disaster. These ten movies offer inspiration and ideas on how to persevere even in the worst post-apocalyptic scenarios…

#10. Mad Max The villainous motorcycle gangs in this movie are brutal and barbaric, invoking what the Vikings must have been like when they raped and pillaged. Despite once being a noble police officer, Max must transform himself into a savage if he’s going to exact revenge against those who murdered his family. An oldie but a goodie, re-watching this 1979 action-thriller will inspire your inner fighter. Writer/director George Miller is bringing back the franchise in 2014 with Mad Max: Fury Road starring Tom Hardy, Nicholas Hoult and Charlize Theron.

#9. 2012 Now that we’ve lived through December 21st, 2012 and made it to 2013, we can finally relax and acknowledge that the end of the Mayan calendar doesn’t mean the end of us. This sci-fi thriller is imaginative, terrifying and visually stunning. It tells the story of a family struggling to stay together while the government tries to cover up the real threat to humanity. 2012 stars Thandie Newton, John Cusack and Chiwetel Ejiofor.


#8. Idocracy Mike Judge directs this apocalyptic comedy where Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolf take part in a military experiment that puts them in hibernation for 20 years. When they get woken up, they discover the world has devolved into ridiculous chaos that may not seem all that different from the shenanigans going on in politics today.

#7. Logan’s Run This 1976 sci-fi masterpiece starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter haunts me still to this day. The story centers on a society where humans are euthanized at the age of 30, with the hope of being “reborn”. When Logan and Jessica decide to “run” in search of an underground world referred to as Sanctuary, they discover a secret world.

#6. 28 Days Later When chimpanzees infected with a deadly virus are released by animal rights activists, London is overrun by infected humans that behave like raging zombies. This movie is an excellent example of what could happen if biological warfare were ever to happen on a large scale. The film’s sequel, 28 Weeks Later, is equally frightening.



#5. Contagion This film starring Kate Winslet, Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow suggests how easily a deadly airborne virus could become a global crises in less than a week. Now that humans travel the globe so often and live so close together, the film’s premise is terrifyingly possible and will inspire you to get your flu shot.

#4. The Grey Most likely you’ll never be in a small plane that crashes in the Alaskan wilderness, but if you are, watch out for the wolves! In this movie, Liam Neeson and a small group of oil-well riggers fight to survive the freezing cold, each other’s stupidity and an angry pack of vicious wolves. Sort of like Jaws but with canines instead of sharks, this movie is a jam-packed lesson in survival.

#3. Children of Men The year is 2027 and woman can no longer conceive children — the cause of which is unknown. Great Britain is in political chaos and the world is struggling with its dark fate. Clive Owen and Julianne Moore play activists who amazingly discover there is one young woman who is pregnant and go on a quest to protect her from scheming terrorist groups who will use her as a pawn in their dystopian game.

#2. The Impossible Just out in 2012, this intense film is based on the true story of a family who were swept away in the Tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004. At moments, this film is terribly difficult to watch because the cinematography makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the giant black wave that killed so many people. This is a powerful tale of survival, family and hope. Starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor…

#1. The Road. A cataclysmic incident occurs – the movie doesn’t tell you if it was an asteroid or nuclear bomb or worse, but the entire planet is suddenly in ruins. Viggo Mortensen plays a father who takes to the road with his young son in search of food and shelter. Of all the fictional post-apocalyptic films, this one is the most realistic and the most chilling.