Build Your Food Storage Stockpile the Right Way

Build Your Food Storage Stockpile the Right Way

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There is not a single, perfect solution that works for everyone when it comes to building the best food storage stockpile. It’s surprising that there is so much information from people out there who claim to have the answers. The truth is that aside from water, you need to build your stockpile according to your needs and preferences instead of relying on the experiences of other people. Here are a few things to think about as you are making plans and assembling ingredients.

Store Foods That You Will Enjoy

Your diet will change following a SHTF situation, but this doesn’t mean that you have to eat SPAM and crackers every day either. Choose items that you will enjoy, and create meals that you are already familiar with eating. This will help to soothe the spirit, raise morale and provide a very strong psychological boost to a difficult situation.


Just keep in mind that you will not be storing a lot of foods that contain excess sugar, additives or preservatives. This means that you will have to get creative with your recipe ideas to offset what you will lose from not eating ready-made and prepackaged foods. Start to experiment in the kitchen, find some canning and other storage recipes and start improvising. Choose an assortment of dry goods as well. The point is that you should think about how you create and maintain some variety so that you are getting the nutrition that you need through foods that you enjoy.

Minimize Waste

It is surprising that so much canned food goes to waste, especially considering that many people can for the sake of conserving resources. The biggest culprits are either storing goods in large jars or not consuming them before their shelf life expires. A lot of canning recipes are for bulk portions, and many people don’t reduce recipe sizes before they prepare the items. It is important to scale recipes to meet your needs so that you eat what’s being opened in one sitting.   A lot of food goes to waste because people don’t finish the leftovers.

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It is also common to cook foods and recipes that do not really taste that good, so people don’t eat them unless absolutely necessary. You want to make a stockpile of food that you can store, rotate and consume without thinking twice. This will help to ensure that you aren’t limiting your options as well as leading to food waste.

Consider storing bulk items into single or double-serving containers instead. Also, practice canning recipes now before you rely on them later. Make some modifications, get feedback and narrow options to a range of items that you like while making sure that you have your nutritional bases covered.

Practice Now

Practicing recipes now will help you to fine-tune your choices. Keep in mind that some items will have a different taste and texture when they are consumed from the can or jar. Keep in mind that some items will have stronger flavors after storage. All of these can influence their overall benefit to you and your family during a crisis. Start experimenting with recipes now so that you will not be surprised later.


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Practicing also will give you a sense of how much food to make for meal portions. This will help you to optimize your storage game-plan and minimize waste. The quality of your stockpile will match your real needs and preferences, and you will get more use out of this important survival resource.

Start taking an active role in building your stockpile today. Your quality of life during trying times may be dramatically improved through good food, but you need as much time as possible to experiment, develop and tweak your plans.