Missouri’s “Ready in 3″ Family Emergency Plan…a Good Place to Start!

Missouri’s “Ready in 3″ Family Emergency Plan…a Good Place to Start!

Date: November 10, 2001    Event: Disaster Preparedness Stock Shoot    Location: Virginia    Photographer: Jeanette Ortiz-Osorio     Release info: release     Originals missing. Were  6x6cm color negatives.

If you haven’t done any emergency planning at all for your family it can seem a bit overwhelming. It takes time, focus and usually a little money. However, a real emergency can be so devastating, and even life-threatening, that you can’t afford to risk not spending at least a little time planning.

The state of Missouri has put together a short guide for families to follow as they begin to prepare for emergencies. Obviously the biggest risk in Missouri is from tornadoes and other large storms. Flooding and power outages are common results. However, there is also a significant fault line in Missouri and they have even experienced draught from time to time, and if you haven’t been through any of these kinds of disasters or emergencies, they can be downright frightening!

This is a good example of a simple assessment and place to start if you’re new to short-term preparedness. Click HERE to download the .pdf file.

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