The Top 5 Ultimate Home Defense Weapons

The Top 5 Ultimate Home Defense Weapons

Obviously most of you reading this are well aware of my passion for gun rights. I believe all law-abiding Americans should be armed all the time, PERIOD! Obviously some (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) state and federal laws don’t permit being armed in certain places like schools, airports, etc. Hopefully these laws will change someday soon. In the meantime your home is your castle, and it’s your duty to protect yourself and your families safety. So how do you do that? What follows is a list of the top 5 ultimate home defense weapons.

But before we get to the list, a few disclaimers first. First, the weapons below are what I believe would be best suited for a home invasion scenario. Second, I’ve based the below choices on several factors including reliability, affordability, “stopping power,” accessibility, and magazine capacity. Finally, these are only my suggestions based on my extensive firearms knowledge and LEO background. There’s many other weapons that’ll do the job just fine. The most important factor is to train and be ready. A home defense scenario will likely arise when you least expect it.

5) 12 Gauge Shotgun
$400 and up

Props to Vice President Biden for saying “buy a shotgun.” He was half right. Where he went wrong though was by discrediting rifles, in particular the AR-15. Still, a 12 gauge is a devastating weapon at close range. I’d recommend a semi-auto version with a 3.5″ chamber for maximum stopping power. Using a 3.5″ 00 buckshot shell at close range is more than adequate for stopping any threat smaller than an elephant. The main reasons this gun comes in only at #5, is because of the hefty recoil, and limitation of shotgun shell capacity. Hence, a semi-auto version will help dissipate some recoil, but also increases the price tag. Still a very affordable and adequate home defense weapon.

4) Glock 22

Is a Glock the prettiest or most accurate handgun on the market? Absolutely not. However, it can be argued that you’d be hard pressed to find a pistol simpler or more reliable. Glocks go “BANG” each and every time, and without fail. I personally have tens of thousands of rounds through multiple Glock models without encountering one single malfunction. That doesn’t mean a FTF (failure to feed) or FTE (failure to eject) isn’t possible. Just my personal experience.

That being said, why the Glock 22 in .40 S&W? Simple. The .40 S&W cartridge is a wonderfully engineered round that boasts slightly superior ballistics than the popular 9MM. The .40 does recoil a slightly more, but is still very manageable in obtaining rapid and accurate follow up shots with the full sized model 22 frame. Coupled with the adequate 15+1 round magazine capacity, it makes an ideal home defense weapon.

3) AK-47
Price – $600 and up

Perhaps one of the most reliable rifles ever built, the 7.62X39 cartridge is approximately a .30 caliber, and is devastating at close range. The rifle is extremely accurate at 100 yards, and considering most home DGU’s (defensive gun uses) occur at ranges of 10 yards or less, accuracy is never an issue. Magazine capacity is also superb with a 30+1 capacity. The only 2 issues with the AK as a home defense weapon (and yes I am knit picking), is recoil and accessibility. Recoil isn’t nearly as hefty as the 12 gauge, but it’s still a .30 caliber bullet exiting the muzzle at 2200+ FPS, so there is a bit of a thump. Coupled with the fact that you can’t store an AK-47 in a nightstand drawer or small biometric gun safe, the obstacle of safe storage, and still being able to access the weapon in less than 2 seconds is an challenge that must be thoroughly thought out. In any case, the AK is still a very fine home defense weapon.

2) AR-15
Price – $650 and up

Sorry Vice President Biden, but your shotgun makes #5, while the AR-15 comes in at a very respectable #2. Why? The AR-15 is reliable, has a standard magazine capacity of 30+1, generally includes a six position adjustable stock to customize fit, and boasts the recoil of a BB gun. Perhaps the below video puts it into perspective best.

The only reason the AR-15 doesn’t make the #1 spot, is the challenge of safe weapon storage that still allows you the ability to access the weapon in less than 2 seconds. But the 5.56 cartridge is equally as devastating as the 7.62, despite being a smaller round. Exiting the muzzle at approximately 3000 FPS, it packs a punch that makes this a superb home defense weapon.

1) FNX Tactical .45 ACP
Price – $1100

Drumroll please, this weapon is possible the finest tactical handgun ever built. The .45 ACP cartridge hits like a sledge hammer on steroids, and the gun comes with three 15 round magazines. The weapon incorporates a 5.3″ threaded barrel for a suppressor option, top and bottom rails for adding the Trijicon RMR (holographic sight) and other accessories, and recoil that when compared to other .45’s, is barely noticeable. Being a handgun, accessibility and storage are a breeze, and FNH engineered this pistol to be one of the most reliable and accurate pistols in the marketplace. It earns respect as a supreme home defense weapon.

These are possibly the least discussed items with any home defense weapon. Bear in mind that a home invasion will take you by storm. You won’t be expecting it, and the timing of your actions could determine your continued existence on this planet.

Think about your setting. Break-ins usually occur at night. You’ll likely be asleep and in a completely dark environment. Your intruder knows this and will likely be prepared with weapons and a flashlight. Therefore, make sure yours is brighter so he’s the one being blinded, not you. There’s many tactical and weapon mounted lights that are extremely bright, and may even incorporate a strobe option and/or a laser. Night sights are a must, and a holographic sight like a Trijicon RMR, Eotech, or Aimpoint add a nice touch.

Finally, think about storage. An unloaded handgun is useless. If you can’t have your weapon “in action” in less than 2 seconds, you’d be better off sleeping with a rock at your bedside. So think about a biometric safe, especially if you have small children. It can scan your fingerprints and pop the door open immediately. Storing a loaded and chambered weapon in a device like this is completely safe and acceptable.



As I alluded to at the beginning of this article, training is the key ingredient. Possessing the perfect weapon is next to useless without being proficient using it under all potential circumstances. That being said, the ultimate home defense weapon isn’t any of the above guns. IT’S YOU! The guns above are merely a tool, but possessing the ability to operate those tools proficiently under all types of high stress situations is what’ll keep you and your family alive.

weapons training

Taking it one step further, take a training class. There’s many facilities available like “Student of the Gun” in Mississippi for example, that’ll offer everything from books, videos, and beginner to highly advanced level courses.

Of course we all hope we’re never put into a situation that requires the usage of deadly force, but we still need to be prepared. The same way we all have fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in our homes to survive a fire, despite the fact that we’re never expecting one. We owe it to our families who love us, to protect them and keep them safe.