Originally posted by: T. Edward Nickens, Field & Stream Celebrate Independence Day (and a successful hog hunt) with a backyard feast. If there’s ever a time to go whole hog—in every sense—it’s Uncle Sam’s birthday.
originally posted by: Thomas Miller, personalliberty.com   There are many things that are nice to have. My car is nice to have. Would life be difficult without it? Yes. Would the lack of having a
small farm
originally posted by Carmela Tyrell, Survivorpedia.com   Building a survival farm is not easy. But it sure is rewarding, I’ll tell you that. For those who choose to build a survival farm, it is very
Originally posted by Matt Louv, Backpacker.com In many parts of the world, eating bugs is commonplace. Insects are actually the most abundant protein source on the planet, and many of them boast dense concentrations of
by Eat Tomorrow Foods staff writer: We hear it all the time…“How many calories are in that meal? Food storage companies battle constantly over claims that their foods are the most “caloric”, or that portions